Caught A Dolphin Fish

  1. Provides rewards and recognition for fishing achievements
  2. Encourages anglers to target a diversity of species, to help decrease fishing pressure on the most sought-after catches
  3. Expands fishing experience for seasoned anglers
  4. Cultivates an interest in saltwater fishing
  5. Strengthens marine fisheries conservation ethics

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) encourages anglers to take part in Saltwater Angler Recognition programs to Catch a Florida Memory!  These programs encourage anglers to learn more about Florida’s vast recreational fishing opportunities by enticing them to target multiple species during fishing trips.

FWC encourages responsible angling. Remember to use proper fish handling techniques when fishing and taking photos. Anglers do not have to harvest their fish to be eligible, and are encouraged to release catches alive.

Visit our Prizes page to learn more about rewards and recognition offered through these programs. FWC Saltwater Angler Recognition programs are made possible in part by the Sport Fish Restoration Program and contributions from our generous Partners.