Yes, an undersized or out of season fish can qualify, as long as they are promptly and safely released and not harvested. This must be supported by the submitted photos.
No, the Small Fry Grand Slam is only available to anglers 15 years of age and under.
Yes, any child under the age of 15 may submit entries to any of the regular Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs.
No, as long as you are legally fishing in Florida (e.g. with an out of state license, or are covered under another’s license such as a charter or licensed pier or dock) your catches are eligible for the Saltwater Angler Recognition Program.
No, fish may be caught outside of state waters as long as they are released or legally landed in the State of Florida. For example a fish caught in federal waters and landed in Florida would qualify. Similarly a fish caught from a boat in Georgia state waters and then landed in Florida would qualify. In addition, a fish caught and released in federal waters off of Florida would also qualify.
Yes, as long as you are using new catches that have not previously been used in that category, you may apply for the same Grand Slam category multiple times. You may apply for Saltwater Reel Big Fish species levels and Grand Slam Club tiers with new catches that have not previously been entered once every 10 years.
No, both Trophy Catch and Big Catch are for freshwater fish only, while the Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs are for saltwater fish only. The Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs encourage anglers to diversify their catch and compete against themselves for prizes.
No, the goals of the Saltwater Angler Recognition Program are to reward anglers for their fishing skills, cultivate interest and excitement in saltwater fishing, and encourage anglers to target a diversity of species, therefore reducing fishing pressure on the most commonly sought-after species. No fisheries data will be collected from Saltwater Angler Recognition Program submissions at this time, but it is possible that fisheries data could be collected in the future.
Yes, by submitting a photo to the Saltwater Angler Recognition Program you give FWC permission to use that photo in any FWC publications, presentations or on the website.
These saltwater programs are funded in part by the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program, donations through the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida and business partnerships.  To find out how you can donate or become a partner, contact Learn more about the Sport Fish Restoration Program.
Yes, as long as the required photos and documentation are provided, any past catches that meet the requirements are eligible.
Yes, as long as it meets the requirements for each category, the same fish can qualify for the Life List, Reel Big Fish and one Grand Slam simultaneously.
No, an individual fish is only eligible to be used in one Grand Slam.
As long as there is proof that the submitted fish were caught within a 24 hour period they will qualify, even if they were caught on different days.
Yes, in order to ensure the integrity of the program and its entries we require the applicant angler to be clearly visible in the photo with the submitted fish.
No, only individual anglers are eligible for the Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs.
The reason tarpon are not included in our Saltwater Reel Big Fish list is that we do not want to promote handling tarpon any more than is necessary, including measuring. It is unlawful to remove tarpon over 40 inches from the water. In the interest of protecting both the resource and our anglers we don’t want to create any potential situation that might encourage more anglers to remove them from the water or handle them in an unsafe way that could result in harm to either the fish or the angler. We agree that catching a tarpon is a great Florida fishing memory and as such they are present on both the Life List and the Florida Grand Slam where they can qualify for recognition but do not need to be measured.

There is nothing extra that you need to do to be entered into the Catch a Florida Memory monthly raffle. Participants are automatically entered each time they submit a successful application to the program.

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