Triple Threat Club anglers receive a long sleeve performance fishing shirt custom designed by partner Tony Ivory, plus the chance to win great prizes like a custom fish mount up to 48" from Mount This! Fish Company and a knotless, rubber-coated landing net from EGO Fishing.

Anglers automatically become members of the Triple Threat Club once they have participated in all three Catch a Florida Memory programs (Saltwater Grand Slams, Saltwater Fish Life List and Saltwater Reel Big Fish). There is nothing additional anglers need to do to apply for the Triple Threat Club. Anglers will be notified when they become club members.

Triple Threat

Eric Todd Anderson
Dalton L. Avera
Matthew Batchelor
Mike Boggs
Kevin Russell Burkhead, Jr.
Dan Casey
Joshua Damon
William S. Davidson, Jr.
John H. Dobbins
Clifton C. Gagliano
Eric J. Gerlak
Michael Nathan Gibson
Billy Grant
Trevor Wayne Hall
Tony Hart
Matthew Johnson
Greg John Knothe
Capt. Ken Lai
Catherine Longmire
Dave Lunsford
Katlyn M. Paul
Drew Serraes
Ethan Sonnenberg
Michael (Soloyaker) Taylor
Michael D. Yannick
Allison Stattner
John Georgiades
Sandra Withers-Kirby
Steven Trollinger
Stephen Stubbs
David C. Deliere
Melissa Rodriguez
Travis Anderson